Content reviews made easy

Tired of endless email chains?

Niimblr is a feedback and approval platform that helps creators of graphical content obtain customer feedback smarter and faster.

With Niimblr - Everyone gets the picture.


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Instead of sending mails back and forth, each piece of content you upload has a place in the cloud where everyone you choose, can access and make comments. 

This makes it super fast for customers to access your latest revisions and track progress.

Content centered

Because content lives in the cloud and not in your mailbox, tracking revisions and comments over time is a breeze.

This makes it much faster for both you and your customer to manage and track reviews across multiple pieces of content.

Get to the point

As soon as your customers has reviewed your latest revisions, you get notifications that leads you straight to the reviewed content. 

This decreases time wasted on filtering through local folders and figuring out what project and revision the client is referring to.

Less ambiguity

Being able to precisely describe desired changes in 2D/3D space on content, makes communication much more precise.

This minimizes time spent on trying to guess what the customer really wants.

About us

Niimblr is a cloud based 2D and 3D content delivery and management platform established in 2020 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our platform enables the content creators to upload content to the platform and the customer to review and attach comments through a built in 2D/3D viewer, as well as revisit previous iterations. 

Creating and delivering digital content is an iterative process and it is typically filled with new discoveries and clarifications in very long communication chains with the inherent complexity at scale.

Using our SaaS platform, you will receive improved feedback accuracy,  which will ultimately reduce the number of iterations required pr. piece of content delivered.

What People Say?

Working with multiple clients on different projects, I have been managing client feedback using mails for years. Niimblr allows a much smoother tracking of reviews and greatly enhances the quality of the feedback I get from customers.
Freelance 3d graphical artist
My customers often ask for small photoshop changes to photos before they are delivered. Niimblr makes it easy for them to tag desired tweaks in 2D space and send to me. I save a lot of time not having to filter through old revisions, making the post-processing of photographs a breeze.
Freelance photographer

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