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Niimblr is a collaborative feedback platform that improves the production process for artists, digital designers, and content creators.

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Who said what, and

Feedback is time-consuming and confusing for digital creators and clients. Miscommunication leads to conflicts and delays. A collaborative feedback platform eliminates these issues.
See how it works.


See how it works

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Your client is (probably) not a bot. They have opinions, ideas and want to be heard. Sign up and get insights about the future of collaboration.

Fewer iterations, better client

Anyone can give feedback

No need to be an artist or technical specialist to provide feedback:
Niimblr is designed for general use. Reviewers can point-and-click
directly on the content to leave comments. 3D content can be
annotated from specific angles, and videos can be annotated at
precise timestamps.

Complete process transparency

A clear version history enables project members to collaborate on the latest version. Activity logs show you if clients have received and interacted with your content. A Kanban board visually represents stages in the production process.

Works with 2D, 3D, video, and audio

From architecture to spaceships: Niimblr supports all commonly used file types, including 2D, 3D, video, and audio. Use the platform for product visualization, architectural design, 3D production, learning materials, and more.

Your intellectual property is safe with us

Rest assured – your intellectual property is safe with us. Any work shared on our platform is only accessible to users authorized by you. Niimblr uses AWS infrastructure, a storage solution that meets the demanding industry standards for data protection to ensure the highest levels of encryption and security protocols.

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What our users say

Knowing my clients have the full picture of progress and is made aware of current version, makes the start of any meeting much easier, as everyone knows exactly what we are looking at.
I have been managing client feedback using mails for years. Niimblr allows a much smoother tracking of reviews and enhances the speed of the feedback I get from customers.
3D artist
I am working both as a project coordinater and actually doing new concepts. It is quite easy for me to follow the progress of my colleagues, without having multiple update meetings a day.
Lead Concept artist

Begin collaborating on Niimblr

1. Sign up for free

Sign up for free access to our
platform and play around with
Niimblr to see its full potential.

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2. Create a project

Create a new project or open an
existing one. Drag and drop
content to share with the project
members. Use the ready-forreview column to assign who
should review a specific

3. Get client feedback

Project members can click
anywhere on the content and add
notes. Everyone gets email
updates when changes are made,
making it easy for clients to find
the content they are expected to

4. Ship your content

Once issues are resolved, and the
content is considered done, the
client can select, approve, and
download the final version.

For every creator who wants
fewer revisions

Niimblr is the preferred feedback platform for client-facing professions,

3D artists


Video editors

Marketing Creatives



And many more

Your clients will
love it

Niimblr empowers your clients to provide clear and transparent feedback.
Everything agreed upon is visible on the platform, eliminating discussions and confusion.

Clients can easily access and review files in 2D, 3D, or video and download them directly from the platform. 

No special setup or artist assistance needed – simply send them an invite link to Niimblr and they are ready to provide feedback.

It's simpler with Niimblr

One click is all it takes

Invite your clients to review content by sharing a link. One click, and your client will be instantly taken to where their feedback is needed.

See who did what

Niimblr shows what content is planned, in progress, ready for review, or already approved in the history log. All actions are tracked and visualized; everyone can see who commented and when it was made.

Never get lost between versions

All previous versions are available,
ensuring everyone is looking at the
newest version. Comparing versions
makes it easy to inspect changes.

Notifications to speed up action

Your clients are busy people, and so are you. Niimblr will help you nudge all collaborators into taking action to
minimize waiting time.

Get things done

Niimblr’s unique Creator & Approver workflow leads to fewer misunderstandings and faster iteration cycles. 

Works with your creative suite

Niimblr is the link between your suite of creative tools and your asset storage systems.

Get more work done

Start using Niimblr today and see what a difference it can make to your
daily back and forth with clients. Simply sign up, create a project, and you
are ready for a new way of working with content feedback. Trust us; you
will not want to go back:

Who is Niimblr?

The Niimblr platform is designed by a team with 30+
years of experience in product visualization, game design,
engineering, and more. 

We founded our company in 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the mission of revolutionizing the feedback process between digital
creators and their clients.

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