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Loved by clients and service providers, Niimblr makes communication easy, annotations simple, and keeps version control in check.
Upload, share, review, and approve 2D, 3D, video, audio, and PDF files all in one place.

No credit card needed

Who said what, and when?

Whether you're a solo creator or part of a team handling lots of creative assets, you need an efficient system to manage your review flow. If you're still using email or multiple tools for post-production feedback, Niimblr is the solution you need. See how it works!

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Fewer iterations,
better client relations

Anyone can give feedback

You don’t need to be a techie to review assets and give feedback. Niimblr lets you point-and-click to leave comments on any content type, including 3D and video.

Complete process transparency

A clear version history enables project members to collaborate on the latest version. Activity logs show you if clients have received and interacted with your content. A Kanban board visually represents stages in the production process.

Works with 2D, 3D, Video, PDF and audio

From social media graphics to AI generated images, to promotional videos and 3D animations, Niimblr supports all file types. Perfect for any creative project, whether you’re crafting a full marketing campaign or producing a video.

Your intellectual property is safe with us

Rest assured – your intellectual property is safe with us. Any work shared on our platform is only accessible to users authorized by you. Niimblr uses AWS infrastructure, a storage solution that meets the demanding industry standards for data protection to ensure the highest levels of encryption and security protocols.

We support your formats

From JPG and MP4 to GLB and MP3, Niimblr supports all your file types, making feedback and review on all content ultra simplified for everyone involved.

2D Graphic







PDF, Documents



What users say

Read why thousands of creatives, marketers and entrepreneurs love us so much.

What our user says

Read why thousands of marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs love us so much.

What our user says

Read why thousands of marketers, writers, and entrepreneurs love us so much.

It's simpler with

One click is all it takes

Invite your clients to review content by sharing a link. One click, and your client will be instantly taken to where their feedback is needed.

See who did what

Niimblr shows what content is planned, in progress, ready for review, or already approved in the history log. All actions are tracked and visualized; everyone can see who commented and when it was made.

Never get lost between versions

All previous versions are available, ensuring everyone is looking at the newest version. Comparing versions makes it easy to inspect changes.

Notifications to speed up action

Your clients are busy people, and so are you. Niimblr will help you nudge all collaborators into taking action to minimize waiting time.

Get things done

Niimblr’s unique Creator & Approver workflow leads to fewer misunderstandings and faster iteration cycles.

Works with your creative suite

Niimblr is the link between your suite of creative tools and your asset storage systems.

Get more work done

Start using Niimblr today and see what a difference it can make to your daily back and forth with clients. Simply sign up, create a project, and you are ready for a new way of working with content feedback.
Trust us; you will not want to go back

Are you a creator?

Your clients will love it

Niimblr is perfect for creative professionals, agencies, and production teams.

Ready to make life easier? Niimblr is your go-to for crystal-clear team and client feedback. No more confusion—everything’s on the platform. Clients can check out, review, and download 2D, 3D, audio, PDF, or video files without any fuss.

No setup, no hassle. Just shoot them an invite link, and they’re set to start giving feedback. It’s that simple!

The Team

Meet the amazing Creators of Niimblr

The Niimblr platform is designed by a team with 45+ years of experience in product visualization, game design, engineering, and more.

We founded our company in 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the mission of revolutionizing the feedback process between digital creators and their clients.

Still confused

See the Frequently Asked Questions

You ask. We tell. We have compiled the answers to some of the most asked questions.
Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • No, your clients will NEVER have to pay anything.
  • We do ask your clients to leave their name and email so you can be confident about who left it and so we can reach out to that person on replies.
  • As long as your account has storage, anyone can upload, annotate, and approve content in your projects.
  • Hey – that was two questions 😉
  • By default, all assets are “private”, available for all project members only
  • You can use the “share” option to make an asset visible for anyone with the link.
  • Share the link on your favorite communication channel like slack, messenger, whatsapp or in good ol’  email.
  • You can even insert links in MIRO or other collaboration tools if you want to make sure that everyone always finds the latest version of the content.
  • Drag and drop files onto the new asset buttons for a speedy upload.
  • Alternatively, click the grey upload icon and use the file explorer to find and upload assets. Each file retains its original name.
  • Create empty containers to plan for future assets and effectively scope your project.
  • Navigate to the asset, then use the app version function to stack a new version on top of the old one.
  • For 2D and 3D types, utilize the compare function to easily spot differences between old and new versions.
  • For already approved assets, use the download function directly.
  • For any other asset, simply click the three dots in the corner of the desired image and press download.
  • In the project description, outline project goals and attach documents, images, or files as references.
  • When commenting on specific assets, feel free to attach images, documents, and more to provide examples and references for changes you’d like.
  • We welcome your ideas for Nimblr improvements!
  • Reach out to us at
  • Anyone can try Niimblr for free, but there are limits on projects and storage for free accounts.
  • Once you get the hang of Niimblr, upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs.
  • For larger teams, reach out to discuss custom solutions—we’re eager to work with you!

Ready to get started?

Start using Niimblr today and see what a difference it can make to your daily back and forth with clients. Simply sign up, create a project, and you are ready for a new way of working with content feedback

Free forever. No credit card required

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