Want to talk?

General:   contact (at) niimblr.com
Tech:   support (at) niimblr.com

The Founders

Per(right)  is the CEO of Niimblr, and has extensive engineering experience within the product visualization industry. 
If you want to talk about the future of Niimblr, reach out to: 
per (at) niimblr.com

Mads (left) is the CPO with a background in game- and product development centered around creating meaningful experiences.
If you want to talk about new features or ideas, reach out to:  
mads (at) niimblr.com

Celine(not in this photo… yet) is the CMO with a commercial background from media agencies as well as SaaS companies. If you want to talk partnerships or commercial opportunities,  reach out to:  
celine (at) niimblr.com 

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